Everyone Is Up In Arms With "The Bachelorette's" Jed, But I'm On His Side


So, I have not watched last night's episode of The Bachelorette yet because I was in JoBro land last night. However all the headlines today were as such, "Jed Admits He Went On The Bachelorette For Wrong Reasons And Twitter Has Thoughts."

Jed is the hot AF country singer from Nashville. What started off as a semi boring one-on-one date with Hannah B, Jed decided to be honest with Hannah about something. He stated on TV that he went on The Bachelorette to promote his career.


The written rule of Bachelor is even if you're there for 15 seconds of fame you don't SAY it out loud. But, apparently Hannah B loved it and thanked Jed for his honesty, made out with him AND gave him a rose.

Twitter was outraged by this, but look I am here for this. He's being honest and open and saying I cam on here for the wrong reasons, but I'm really starting to catch feels for you. I feel like I just trust Jed more now!


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Tanya Rad

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