We Need To Talk About Jonas Brothers Tracklist & Joe's Wedding Date


The countdown is officially ON for Happiness Begins, June 7th will not be here soon enough! So, let's get into the track-list they revealed but these are the songs I feel might be the most personal and have the most revealing lyrics.

1) "Strangers" - I feel like this is going to be the most telling song about the time they didn't speak and essentially were "strangers." So I think this might be the most personal song on the album!

2) "Comeback" - This song closes out the album so I feel like this one is going to be all about their comeback. I feel like this one was written and done after the success of "Sucker" and they officially made their "comeback."

3) "Love Her" - Somehow has already made me cry and I haven't even heard it!


So, let's get back to June 7th. Sophie Turner's new movie is out that day as well! That day is looking like sups cuteeee! When you add up the number of June 7th you get 13. Nick and Priyanka married on December 1st, when you add that date you get 13!

Therefore I kinda maybe feel like Joe and Sophie could be getting married on June 7th. We'll have to wait and see!


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