Jennifer Garner Gives Amazing Advice To College Grads, You Need To Hear It


First off, huge CONGRATS to everyone graduating! It's that time of year and it's so exciting to see. Second, we need to talk about life after college. Jennifer Garner recently spoke at her alma mater's graduation, Denison University.

Jennifer shared some AMAZING advice, urging the grads not to focus on goal-setting. She said, "At some point, you will realize that there is no finish line to cross. There is no moment when you're just supposed to be happy."


Instead of going after the big bucks, the house or the family she suggests keeping one thing in the forefront of their minds...optimism! That quality of living will carry you through your day to life and help you find focus.

My favorite line from Jennifer's speech, “Happiness is your own responsibility. So, attack it."

You need to check out the full thing below, even if you're not graduating this year or if you did 20 years ago it's still amazing advice we should all hear...


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