Taylor Swift Has So Many Easter Eggs On Her Entertainment Weekly Cover


We have to talk about our girl Taylor Swift on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. On the bottom right corner of the cover it says, "Each of Taylor's buttons is an easter egg! Go to page 26 to decode them."

So, I'm only picking a few of the buttons because trust me when I tell you I can go on for DAYSSS about these theories. First up, the Selena Gomez pin. The pin features a photo of Selena the same day she was asked about a possible collab with Taylor. In which Sel said, "I mean...any time and place."


The Dixie Chicks pin, this is now the 2nd nod we've gotten about them. Remember there was a photo of them in the "ME" music video? There's for sure a collab. Okay, a Drake pin? There's a theory that this isn't a Drake collab, but important news telling fans that her album will be a double album like Drake just did. There is even a theory that on side is "ME" and the other is "YOU" - dead if this is true.

Mer and Cristina over the heart that says, "My person" - is she making a song called, "My Person" about her BFF? A Troye Sivan pin...could he be opening for her on tour? And finally, a track 5 pin! There's theory that track 5's on every one of her albums are something special. "Delicate" off Reputation, "All You Had To Do Was Stay" off 1985, "All Too Well" from Red, "White Horse" from Fearless. I mean WOW.

Like I said, I could go on for DAYSSS! Got any good theories tweet me with them @TanyaRad.


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