Charlize Theron Is So Self-Aware And You Need To Hear What She Has To Say

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Okay, I feel like we need to give Charlize Theron some love because she recently came out saying she is, "shockingly available." She has not been in a relationship for a decade and she basically was like step it up men and I am HERE. FOR. IT!

But, I also am here for how self-aware she is about the things that make her hard to date and this made me LOL. So, Charlize does not like clutter and once threw out an ex-boyfriend's shoes because they were ugly.


She was like, "I was being helpful, I think, because men's shoes are tricky, and he had very tricky shoes. When he was out of town, I would get rid of the tricky shoes." But, like Charlize really did him a favor because no grown man should be wearing straw shoes. I was reading the comments on this story and people were being super negative about her and I'm not here for that.

I love that she is just herself and transparent about the things that make her a little left of center and I feel like Charlize does not get the credit she deserves.


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