Olivia Culpo Talks About The DMs You Don't Want To Get


You know how I always just tell people to slide into the DM's that's not always the case! Olivia Culpo has been doing press for Sports Illustrated and opened up about how fully married men are sliding into her DMs.

She said, "You know how many people I wanna just out? Nothing irks me more than when someone slides into my DMs. First of all, That's my no. 1 red flag that I'm never gonna date you, and second of all, if you have a girlfriend or a wife and you are sliding in my DMs I am going to put you on blast."


She even said how she wants to screenshot all of theses DMs, send them to the wives and encourage them to leave their husbands STAT. Olivia is classy lady so she did not out these men, but I'm here to tell you that I wish she WOULD put them on blast.

Yes, it's girl code to obviously not engage and be like ewwwww, but I think now's the time we really come together and expose these LOSERS. Because, I am NOT here for this! What do you think? Personally, Olivia go out them girl!


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