We Need To Talk About My Favorite Looks From The Met Gala


It's the first Monday in May, every year! It's the biggest night in fashion and boy last night did not disappoint. That being said we have to discuss some of my favorite looks!

I have to say hands down the best dressed of the night goes to Lady Gaga. She served up not just one look, but four! She made that pink carpet her personal Gaga fashion show and I was HERE. FOR. IT. Seriously, I was living for her every single minute she was on the carpet!


Other note-worthy LEWKS...Billy Porter, who had a super extravagant entrance as he was carried by six men!


Katy Perry LIT up the pink carpet, as she she showed up as a real-life chandelier!


Meanwhile, Jared Leto showed up with his own head in his hand. Apparently a thing from the runways. What a statement!


What were your favorite looks? Tweet me @TanyaRad and let me know. ♥️

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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