TS7 Is On The Way & I Have Some Fan Theories About What This Album Is About


We officially have the first song from TS7, today is a glorious day. While I'm still basking in the euphoria that is new music from Taylor Swift, our KWEEN is back, forever may she reign.

But, here's a fan theory that I wanted to discuss. Fans think that Taylor had a completely different album written after 1989. An album filled with love songs about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, maybe a little Joe Alwyn.


Then the Kim and Kanye stuff happened and she completely scrapped that album and released a dark album in its place. SO fans are thinking that this album might be what she really wanted to put out before Reputation!

While other fans are arguing that Taylor isn't going to release music she created years before. There there's an entire Wizard of Oz theme fans think this album will pay tribute to, but there's so much to that I don't really even want to open that can of worms.


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Tanya Rad

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