It Is Almost Time For New Taylor Swift Music

So, we are officially 1 sleep away from NEW Taylor Swift music and she is doing thing in TOTAL Taylor fashion. We have to break this down because we know everything she does is so thought out!

When she was walking the streets of NYC the other day she saw the paparazzi so Tay casually lifted her arm revealing "Taylor Swift" written on the sleeve of the sweater. Fans are thinking this could be a TS7 merch item! Super, super cute.


Here's another humdinger for you, she wore a similar pattern to the Time 100 Gala the other night. So, this is for SURE the vibe for TS7!

Tay said this about songwriting, "I've always known it was the main pillar of kin of my sanity...I think that when you write about your life, it gives you the ability to process your life. I use it as a way of justifying things that have happening to me."

Give us TS7, I'M READY!

Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad is co-host on Ryan Seacrest's morning show On Air With Ryan on 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles' Hit Music radio Station from 5am-10am. Read more


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