We Have Another Reason To Love Zachary Levi


We ALL fell in love with Zachary Levi when he was in studio. The guy has it all...tall, dark, handsome, beautiful heart, funny - the list goes on and on.

But, he recently said something that we NEED to add to the list. A fan had tweeted him asking, "Why do you wear the same boot in every convention? Is it for luck? Just curious."

Zachary responded with, "I'm a really big believer in , and proponent of, minimalism. I own very little clothing, and tend to wear the same things all the time. Boots, pants, shirts, jackets, hats. I've only got a few that I keep cycling thru, and I love it. It honestly brings me a lot of peace and joy."

I MEANNN, be still my heart Zachary Levi. I seriously JUST cleaned out my closet and it's half full, I feel SO much happier with it this way. Minimalism all the way!


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