Why Wasn't Justin Timberlake With The Rest Of NSYNC At Coachella?

We are in between weekend 1 and weekend 2 of Coachella and you may be wondering why wasn't Justin Timberlake with the rest of NSYNC? I'm going to do a deep dive for us. I mean, people can argue that Ariana Grande bringing out NSYNC out at Coachella was like THEE moment of the weekend.

Incase you forgot or maybe didn't know, Ari sampled an NSYNC song in her song, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored." So, she brought out the boys and did, "Tearin' Up My Heart." JC, Lance, Joey and Chris all joined Ari, but Justin Timberlake was noticeably missing.

Well, it turns out over the weekend Justin wrapped up his 115-man show of his Man of The Woods tour so it was just a matter of scheduling because he couldn't get out there to rehearse for the performance, but he did send them some love. He posted a photo and said, "You guys killed it last night."

So, here's the big question. Will Justin come out weekend 2? If he does come out, everyone from weekend 1 will be so PISSED because like JT! But, if he doesn't then it clearly wasn't a scheduling issue and like WTF Justin give the people what they want!

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