Taylor Swift Has Been Dropping Clues Left & Right For Us Swifties

So, April 26th...the countdown is on. Taylor Swift started a countdown on her Insta and website to the date April 26th. She started this countdown on April 13th, let's not forget her favorite number the 13!

Here are some clues we missed along the way in regards to this countdown...

On New Year's Day Taylor's management posted a tweet containing 115 rainbow emojis. Turns out there are 115 days between January 1st and April 26th!

Remember that Elle cover she did recently? She shared the 30 things she learned before she turns 30. Well, number 26 was, "I make countdowns for things I'm excited about." How did we NOT see this coming?!

Also I want to note this last album was all dark and snaky, now her Insta is photos in pastels, super whimsical!

The big fan theory around the countdown is that a single will drop on April 26th and the album will follow in October, which is a T. Swift signature move.

Now I'm over-analyzing everything, all of her photos! How will I ever sleep? I'm kind of convinced there are butterflies involved somehow because of those KILLER shoes she sported at our iHeartAwards!

Have any insight on our girl? Tweet me @TanyaRad and spill!

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