Did Ariana Grande Come Out As Bisexual In Her New Song?


So, Ariana Grande fans seem to think that she came out as bisexual because of a lyric from her new song. The song I'm talking about is, "Monopoly" - remember I shared the music vid with you the other day?

Here's the lyric in question...

"I like women and men (yeah) work so effing much, need a twinny, twin, twin."


Fans have been WILD about it on social media. Ariana even responded to a fan's remark. Look at this exchange...

Fan: "Ariana ain't gotta label herself, but she said what she said."

Ari: "I haven't before and I still don't feel the need to now. Which is okay."

Along with this exchange between a fan and Victoria Monet, who's on "Monopoly" with Ari...


Here's the thing we LOVE and support her either way, if she is or isn't. What do you think? And do you think she even needs to come out if she is? Let me know on social media @TanyaRad.


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