Is Miley Cyrus Hinting At A "Hannah Montana" Reboot?

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So, Miley Cyrus has fans wondering if she's bringing Hannah Montana back! There isn't any official word of the show being rebooted, but with all the classics being rebooted these days it's a valid thought that it could be a possibility. And you guys know I have a thing for fan theories!

Here are the clues that are indicating a Hannah Montana reboot could be happening...

Miley totally changed up her hair over the weekend and it looks EXACTLY like her old Hannah Montana wig. Did you see? She even wrote, "you know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided I'll just be Hannah forever. She was getting a lot of press this week thanks to me."


She sang along to the Hannah Montana theme song...


Miley has been posting TONS of throwback photos from her Disney days when Hannah Montana was filming...


Fans also have noticed that there's a Hannah Montana Instagram page now! It doesn't have any photos posted yet, but maybe soon? Miley follows the account! And finally, Urban Outfitters released a limited version of the Best of Hannah Montana vinyl.

There's just too many things adding up here that it would be sat NOT to get a lil Hannah Montana reboot.


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