Starbucks & Ariana Grande Have Teamed Up To Drop A New Drink


I SEE IT, I LIKE IT, I WANT IT! Ariana Grande lyrics are the ONLY way I can tell you about this news. Starbucks has teamed up with our girl to drop the Cloud Macchiato!

The drink comes in two flavors Caramel and Cinnamon. Both espresso drinks are topped with a cloud of fluffy foam! The foam is made from combining milk with cloud powder and a hint of flavor. The best part is these drinks are lighter in cals and sugar than your typical Starbucks Macchiato.


According to the Starbucks' website a grande Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato with whole milk is 190 calories and 27 grams of sugar. While a grande Iced Cinnamon cloud Macchiato with whole milk is 200 calories and 29 grams of sugar. A normal Iced Caramel Macchiato with whole milk is usually 200 calories and 29 grams of sugar.

The drink will be a permanent menu item. So, indulge you KNOW our girl Ari would approve.


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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