I Have A Question I Want To Share After Watching "The Bachelor" Last Night

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No spoilers here, promise. Just wanted to share a question on my mind after watching The Bachelor last night. Why do men want what they can't have?

As promised no spoilers so I won't say any names here incase you aren't caught up. But, basically one girl dumped Colton. She tiptoed into it in the beginning saying she's not sure she can get there with him and has doubts.


Colton says everything and anything to tell her she is the one for him, yet she still leaves. This is when that infamous fence jump happens, but all I could think about last night was, why do men want what they can't have?

There are two other women there who are SO in love with Colton, yet he is so obsessed with the one who isn't into him. Interesting isn't it? If anyone has any insight let me know, @TanyaRad.


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