Fans Are Worried About Lady Gaga & Her Fiancé, But I'm Calling BS

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I'm bringing us back to Grammy Sunday because Lady Gaga's fans were quick to pick up on some things! They are basically worried about Gaga and her fiancé. SO, I want to break them down for you.

1. Gaga posing for pics without her ring. She took all her pics on the red carpet and there was no ring on THAT finger.

But, here's my counter argument for this. She might have been walking the carpet as Aly, her character from A Star is Born. If you've seen the movie you know Aly was very much single in the beginning, so I think she was channeling her inner Aly.


2. He was absent inside the Grammys. Although the 2 never really walk carpets together, Christian does meet Gaga inside the events. But, he was not at the Grammys.

3. Her acceptance speech. Gaga did not thank Christian.

Okay, here's my counter arguments with these. Christian DID Instagram a photo of Gaga about a week ago. So, maybe they just got into a big fight? Which is why he didn't show up?

We'll have to keep our eyes on this situation. But, I hope everything is okay with these two!


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