Anyone Else Spend Their Weekend Listening To The New Ariana Grande Album?

Less than 6 months after releasing Sweetener, our girl Ariana Grande has blessed us AGAIN with arguably her most mature and revealing album to date.

There's A LOT of emotion behind the songs too. I'd say, "Ghostin" feels very heartbreaking. Listen to these lyrics...

"I know you hear me when I cry. I try to hold it in at night when you're sleeping next to me. But it's your arms that I need this time.I know that it break your heart when I cry again over him."

That last line in particular fans are thinking alludes to her grief of Mac Miller. Along with this part...

"Though I wish he were here instead. Don't want that livin' in your head. He just comes to visit me when I'm dreaming every now and then."

There's another song titled "In My Head," which starts off with a voicemail from one of Ari's best friends and it says, "She's in love with a version of a person she's created." Which probably is in regards to Pete. She was in love with this version of him that she had in her head, but in reality that wasn't the man he was.

I literally could go on for DAYS about this album, so I'll just stop at those two songs. I hope you guys are LOVING the album like I am!

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