If You Have Crush On A Guy That's Taken Don't Give Up, Listen To This Story

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Before Prince William and Kate Middleton were like the epitome of everything that is right in the world of coupledom - they were just 2 individuals.

According to a royal expert Prince Harry saw a girl at a party (Arabella Musgrave) and they ended up having a "passionate romance."

They were at a friend's house party when Prince William noticed her and they began their romance together. This is where I get to the BEST part...

So, then Prince William goes off to college where Kate joins the picture. he was going back and forth to see his "passionate romance" girl, but Kate encouraged him to stay around at school!

And BAM, one thing lead to another and well, here they are today. Basically what I'm telling you is your dude might be with some other chick right now, but she's just the "passionate romance" and you are the Kate Middleton!


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