We Need To Talk About What Everyone Is Discussing From The Halftime Show

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We need to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show!

So, Travis Scott did NOT seize the moment and propose to Kylie Jenner as fans were suspecting. But, Kylie was spotted wearing a giant rock on her ring finger so fans do think the couple are already engaged.

Now, Maroon 5. Frontman Adam Levine stripped throughout the performance, which ultimately left him shirtless on stage.

A lot of people aren't happy about it, especially Janet Jackson fans. Of course we all know what happened during the 2004 halftime show with Janet's wardrobe malfunction and all that came from that incident.


Fans are taking their opinions to social media, of course. So, here's what I gotta say. I totally understand where everyone is coming from. But, a woman showering her breasts on national TV isn't the same as a man showing his nipples.

It's like when you're at the beach or pool, we wear bathing suit tops to cover up ours and men wear shorts to cover up theirs. But, again I understand the conversation that's going on since the show.

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