This Nominated Artist Could Have An Unreal Life Moment At The Grammys


So, I want to talk about the artist H.E.R! She is up for 2 of the BIG categories for this year's Grammy Awards - Best New Artist and Album of The Year. Yeah, no big deal or anything.

But, here's the thing that will be SO cool if she takes home Best New Artist. She would be the FIRST female R&B singer to win since 2002, the year Alicia Keys won. Fun fact, Alicia is HOSTING the 2019 Grammys!

I'm obvi rooting for Bebe Rexha for this win, but I would REALLY enjoy this full circle moment for H.E.R!

PS - If you don't know much about H.E.R check out these fun facts...

  • H.E.R is an acronym for "having everything revealed"
  • Real name is Gabi Wilson and she is 21 years old
  • She tried to keep her identity a secret saying she, "Feels like this is the era of the anti-star. I really wanted it to be about the music and get away from "Who is she with" and "What is she wearing?""
  • She's been publicly praised by artists like Wyclef Jean, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and MORE  

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