Chrissy Teigen Started An Important Conversation Regarding Dating

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Chrissy Teigen has brought a very important topic to the table. How long should you date before you have the exclusive talk?

So, we can all agree you aren't necessarily exclusive until you've explicitly had a discussion about it. For example, my friend has been dating a guy since Halloween and they STILL haven't had the exclusive talk WTF?

Of course Chrissy brought the topic up in the best way possible, Twitter. She sent out this tweet that sparked some serious convo:


Someone responded with, "I've been dating someone for two years. A few weeks ago he said we were "causal" and "still getting to know each other."

You know what I don't understand is why people are so nervous to have this conversation. Unintentional dating is the root of all these problems. I think you have that talk in the first 2-3 dates, like is this just casual fun or are you intentionally dating?

Then that sets the tone, don't you agree? 


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