Bebe Rexha Spreads Body Positivity After Designers Deny Her Grammy Looks


My girl Bebe Rexha is on top of the WORLD right now. She got nominated for "Best New Artist" by the Recording Academy. This is one of the BIGGEST awards of the night, like top 4 for sure!

Well, she's starting to reach out to designer and get her look together, but they are telling her she is, "too big." Listen to this...


When I saw this I started FUMING! This is SO effed up, even if she was a size 50 she should be getting designers offering to dress her, she was nominated for a freaking Grammy!

I hope that some designer reaches out and dresses her and she gets ALL the press in the world because she's going to look BANGING! I seriously give Bebe so much credit for speaking her truth.

I think it's really cool for women to see someone like Bebe in the limelight dealing with the same insecurities we struggle with, her's are just on a much heightened level.

Keep your head up Bebe, you're so stunning inside and OUT!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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