Miss Tati Fills You In On What The Winter Solstice Means For Your Sign

Even though the temperate is falling the light is actually growing! There is a new hope during a time of darkness. 

Astrologically the winter solstice marks the moment of the sun - the rules of all the zodiac - as it moves into Capricorn it urges us to take some time to look back on 2018 and create new goals. Do not fight the seriousness it brings out in you!

Here's what the winter solstice means for your sign...

Aries: Think about your career. Where is it going? Are you headed in the right direction? I think it's time for you to make a game plan to make your dream a reality.


Taurus: One word. Adventure! Have you explored the world around you? If not, now is the time - get up and just go.


Gemini: It is time to share yourself with someone special. Put your heart on the line and let your wild side out to play. It is a sexy time of year, don't let your inhibitions get in your way!


Cancer: It is time to forge genuine partnerships, especially ones that are MUTUALLY beneficial and build with respect. If someone doesn't have your back they need to go.


Leo: Time to think of a way to combat your anxiety. You need to balance work, your body and your mind. Could a new planner keep your organized and prioritizing tasks? Give it a try!


Virgo: Bring our your inner child! Think about what brings your JOY. Do it, with no expectations of an end result. You choose what the joy is!


Libra: This time of the year is all about recharging and hanging at home. Maybe it's time to redesign your space while also breaking down your walls with those you trust. Put down roots!


Scorpio: You are extra chatty these days. Try to refine your voice. Speak up and engage in conversations that spark your interest. Make sure to express yourself loud and clear too!


Sagittarius: What is your relationship with money like? You need to focus on how you can create a source of security from which you thrive!


Capricorn: Remember the person you've blossomed into this year? You have been through a lot, but you learned so much. Make changes that reflect the person you now are. Don't be afraid of the transformation.


Aquarius: Get back in touch with your spirituality and listen to what your intuition is telling you. It is a powerful time of year for manifestation so it is essential to send the right energy out.


Pisces: Do you feel like others are inspiring you? When was the last time you met someone new? I think it's time for you to become a social butterfly, think about how you can connect with others to help them and receive their help in return.


Info: Elite Daily

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