'The Bachelor' Is Officially Back Tonight, Colton Embarks On His Journey


Tonight is the night! Colton Underwood will embark on his journey to find the love of his life on The Bachelor. So, I wanted to do a little deep dive and actually DMed him for some fun facts, here's what I learned!

  • His nickname in college on his football team was Disney!
  • The only food he doesn't like is olives!
  • He LIVES for music and depending on what he's doing he changes the genre. Driving = country. Working out = hip hop/pop.
  • He hates wearing ties.
  • He worked out a lot with Chris Harrison who he said is very athletic.
  • His go to breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal and a spoonful of peanut butter.
  • He drinks his coffee black with 1 splenda and 1 sweet n low.

I can't wait to watch his journey to find LOVE! 😍

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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