Jason Momoa & Lenny Kravitz Are Having A Total Bromance, Listen To This


Jason Momoa aka Aquaman, which comes out December 21st, not only is he a manly man, hot hunk of burning love...but he's also a dude's dude! Listen to this..

Jason is married to Lisa Bonet who was married to Lenny Kravitz and Jason got him a present, not just any present! The present was matching bone skull rings. He even posted a photo of the rings on his Insta.


And Lenny posted a selfie of him with Jason's name on the door at SNL with the caption, "My brother is doing his thing right now."


They are literally having a full bromance going on and it's like SO good. There's being cordial with your partner's ex and then there's being like family. 

I could actually see myself doing this. If I ended up with a man who has an ex-wife, I actually could totally see myself getting us matching rings!

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