Zara Larsson Dishes On Her Upcoming Album & How She's Staying Authentic


I am seriously LOVING Zara Larsson's song "Ruin My Life" - like what an anthem! It's one of those songs that just replays over and over in my head. Anyone agree with me? I can't be alone on this.

Take a listen if you haven't heard it already...


So, Zara dished on her upcoming album in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan and said this, "“I’m such an outspoken feminist, quite a radical one with my opinions. But we’ve all been there – at least my friends have and everyone I know – where you know you shouldn’t go back to that person, whatever, I’m still going to text this person at 3 a.m after three drinks.”

Totally relating to Zara completely on that one. She promises to not shy away form being authentically her on the album. She knowns she is responsible for what she says in her songs, she wants to be uplifting and powerful, but she's also human and reminds us she too has had her heart broken.

I think she has the BEST recipe for an amazing album, one filled with uplifting/power along with that rawness/realness of breakups. Zara we LOVE you girlfriend!


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