Milo Ventimiglia Is On The Cover Of Men's Journal Looking Like A Snack


Milo Ventimiglia is on the cover of Men's Journal and let me tell you HE LOOKS GREAT. So, I did some digging (of course) and found some pretty interesting facts about Milo.

If you get the chance to get a date with him and wanted to cook for him you should whip up beans and rice or pasta. 

His agent originally wanted him to go by Milo Vent. Can you imagine? I feel like his full last name is sooo part of his identity.

Growing up his sisters used to dress him up as Madonna! How funny. But, I seriously love that he has sisters because that means he is most likely sensitive and he probably knows how to treat a woman.

Milo once went to a court for stricter rules for aggressive paparazzi, so maybe don't ask him for a selfie?

And finally his favorite dessert is a chocolate trifle sooo if you go out to dinner with him on a fancy date maybe you should order that for dessert.


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