There's Another Fan Theory Circling That Involve Taylor Swift's Next Album


As we all know very well Taylor LOVES hidden messages, there's not one thing that isn't extremely thought out! So,  let me break down the latest fan theory for you.

Tay posted a photo on Instagram, looks innocent enough, she's playing scrabble with her mom. Oh no, no, no. Look closer...


The letters you can see in the photo are B, I, O, I, E...B in Scrabble equals 3. I, O, I, E are all worth 1 so that equals 4. Which totals up to 7. The photo is captioned "Let the games BEGIN."

Fans are thinking this means her 7th album is dunzo, in the bag, ready to rock-n-roll! And I am HERE for it.


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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