This Is How Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are Dealing With Their Breakup


Breakups suck, they suck BIG TIME. But, everyone has their way of dealing with a heartbreak and this is how Pete and Ariana are dealing with theirs.

Pete hit the stage for Judd and Pete For America over the weekend, so he dealt with the heartache by joking about it. "Does anybody have any open rooms?" "Looking for a roommate?" He also joked about having to cover up a bunch of his tattoos. UGH, if I were in that audience I would have felt SO bad for him.


While, Ari on the other hand is choosing the retail therapy route. She was photographed leaving Chanel with giant bags and a gaggle of friends. 

I for one do the cry into a mirror and watch sad movies. That's my phase one. Then phase two is party girl. I'm interested to see where Peter and Ari take their phase two.


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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