Shawn Mendes Has The Best Journal Prompt Ever


Shawn Mendes did a intimate Q&A and performance in Los Angles at the Grammy Museum! I got to attend and now I want to share the deets with you guys.


Shawn actually confused to being a little competitive with himself! Before writing "In My Blood" he got into the studio and thought, "How do I beat OLD Shawn." He was actually then so nervous before releasing that song because it's so open and honest about his anxiety. Shawn was worried people were going to view him as a cry baby. Luckily the response to the track was nothing but love and support!

He also talked about a journal he has. Now this is like a Tanya exclusive because even Shawn was surprised someone found out about this. It's called his "The Truth Is" journal. He starts everything off with "The True is..." and wow kinda makes me want to start one too. It's just the truth about how you are feeling everyday. I LOVE it!

Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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