Selena Gomez Casually Slid Into Jennifer Lopez's DM's On Instagram


Selena Gomez caught Jennifer Lopez's residency in Las Vegas over the weekend! She obviously had the time of her life and wanted to let JLo know. So, she just causally slide into her DM's on Instagram! Ahhh, stars they ARE just like us.


Sel said, "You were absolutely incredible tonight! I didn't want to bother you while you had a moment. My flight leaves now or else I would've stayed! I'm so sorry! I wanted to tell you how much you inspired me tonight! I haven't felt that free in my entire life..."

Peep the full message that went in JLo's DM's below!


This whole situation makes me SO happy, because this is totally what us "normal" people do. Remember the time I slide in Post Malone's DM's after his album dropped? I told him how much I loved the album and how I felt bad for misjudging him. 

Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a response, I'd imagine Selena will get a response from JLo much quicker!


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