Joe From "The Bachelorette" Joins The Cast Of "Dancing With The Stars"


Did you guys hear the announcement? Joe is joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars this season. He seems to be a contestant that people are saying, "huh...who?!" So, I'm doing a deep dive for you!

Joe aka "Grocery store Joe" (he owns a grocery store) was on Becca's season of The Bachelorette. Sadly he got sent home the very first night. As a passionate member of Bachelor Nation I must say I have never, ever, once even remembered or cared about someone that was sent packing on the first night. Until JOE!


He was for sure a fan favorite from Becca's season. I've truly NEVER seen this before, since like I said he was gone the first night. Luckily we got more of Joe this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, where he found love with Kendall!

These two actually had a rocky road as far as their love story, but in the end they are together and making it work. Though, I will admit I'm a little concerned for his relationship because as we've seen in the past, Dancing With The Stars is NOT great with new budding Bachelor relationships. 


But, I am optomistic for these two! Him doing the show puts them both in LA, as he lives in Chicago. Plus, Joe's DWTS pro partner is Jenna Johnson who is currently engaged to fellow pro Val Chmerkovsky - so no worries there.

I'm rooting for Kendall and Joe and Jenna and Joe in the ballroom! 


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