Ariana Grande Fans Have A Theory About Her Song "Breathin"


There's a hidden message in one of Ariana Grande's new songs! Her fans have a new theory and you KNOW I loveee a good fan theory.

So, Ari dropped her album Sweetener a few weeks ago and let me tell you this entire thing is a MASTERPIECE. She did a lot of hidden messages for her fans within this album. Her song "Get Well Soon" is 5:22 minutes long in honor of the Manchester attack.

The hidden message is in the beginning of her banger "Breathin." 


Fans have picked up that if you play the intro in reverse it is audio of Ari's late grandfather who passed away in 2014 saying, "Tonight's your special night, do something special."

I LOVE when artist do things like this in their songs, it makes it so much more special and personal. For weeks I've been to that song thinking that first 10 seconds was just gibberish!

Amazing catch on that Arianators!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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