We Have A New 'Bachelor' & There Are Two Things I Hope Don't Happen


America we officially have a new Bachelor! Hopefully the 3rd times a charm for Colton Underwood. We met Colton on the last season of The Bachelorette with Becca. He recently appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, where this ongoing saga of Tia continued. But, that finally ended and now here we are with our new Bachelor.

With all that being said there are TWO things I am really hoping do NOT happen during this season.


1. I am BEGGING them to end this Tia storyline. I'm over it, I can't deal with it anymore. We had it on Becca's season, we just endured it all during Paradise. Seriously, if she shows up at the mansion I WILL pull my hair out.


Tia did tweet this out...


2. I'm also begging them not to make such a big thing about his virginity. Colton is a virgin, as established on Becca's season, which I think is awesome, but doesn't need to be a big storyline. When it comes to fantasy suites obviously it will be part of the storyline since it is a big part of who he is. But, I hope they don't make it this big dramatic thing throughout the season.


I'm sure it'll be an interesting season, for sure. 🌹


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