Need An Afternoon Recharge? Green Tea & Matcha May Be Your New Go To


I feel like I'm seeing matcha everywhere these days and of course green tea is just a staple. But, which is the best when you hit a wall in the afternoon - matcha, green tea, coffee? So, many options and I totally am wondering what's best as I'm often looking for that pick me up before my daily workout.

I'll tell you this, green tea does contain caffeine, just like coffee! It can help give you energy and endurance. While match is a bit more sharper in flavor than green tea - it has TONS of health benefits like antioxidants and other disease fighting properties. 

The best part about match is it won't leave you with a caffeine crash. Matcha contains a specific animo acid, L-theanine, which also helps reduce anxiety and high blood pressure while fighting coffee jitters.

It's important to remember to listen to your body and limit your caffeine consumption if you're sensitive to it, but overall green tea is safe to consume in large amounts! So maybe it's time to switch to green tea or matcha over coffee? I'm seriously considering it after reading these stats!

(Info: Popsugar)


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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