Everything We Know So Far About "Wonder Woman 2"

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Who could forget my obsession with the Wonder Woman film? Just gonna leave this gem here, to spark your memory...


Well, I'm getting SUPER excited for Wonder Woman 2! So, I'm sharing everything we know thus far about the new film.

Check this out...

1. It premieres November 1st, 2019. Mark your calendars accordingly friends!

2. Kristen Wiig will be joining the cast as villain, Cheetah. Can't wait to see Kristen in this film.


3. Patty Jenkins returns as director. Yep, that girl power is BACK! Let's not forget the time her film, Wonder Woman, became the HIGHEST grossing female directed movie...of all time.

4. The film is set in the United States and may take place during the Cold War. The timeline of the storyline hasn't been confirmed, but there are rumors that the movie takes place during the 1980s.


5. There will be ROMANCE! You know I love LOVE, so I am here for this. Apparently there's a great love story and new characters, totally different from the last movie. Perhaps one of them falls in love?

6. Patty Jenkins is working on the script with Geoff Johns and David Callaham. These two are huge! Geoff Johns is the president and chief creative officer of DC Entertainment. David Callaham is the screenwriter behind The Expendables and the recent Godzilla.

7. Shooting has begun, as of this summer! I'm so so SO excited. Need I say more?


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