This New Komucha Tastes Like A Spicy Margarita


Kombucha is seriously such a hot item right now! I love it, it has sooo many health benefits - it's filled with probiotics which are great for your gut. The popular company Health-Ade, just released a new flavor that sounds super YUM!

The new flavor is jalapeño-kiwi-cucumber. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I do have some info I wanted share. The jalapeño flavor is totally strong and you do taste the hints of kiwi and cucumber! It apparently isn't TOO spicy, people are comparing it to a jalapeño margarita. 

The best part is each bottle is only 80 cals with 14 grams of sugar and 14 grams of carbs. I'm totally grabbing one and bringing it with me to the beach! Let me know if you try it and what you think. 


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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