5 Shows You Should Binge Watch If You're Obsessed With "The Bold Type"


I loveeee The Bold Type, if you haven't watched that show go binge the first season so you can catch up with season two! But, if you're all caught up and need something else to watch I have some suggestions!

Check these shows out, if you LOVE The Bold Type you'll probably really enjoy these...

1. The Carrie Diaries

  • All about young woman trying to make in NYC! There's a love story and AMAZING fashion! Binge on: Netflix 

2. Gilmore Girls

  • Mother daughter duo Lorelai and Rory have a bond that is as strong as the girls of The Bold Type! Plus Rory is trying to become a writer, reminds me of Jane! Binge on: Netflix

3. Jane The Virgin

  • This Jane also a writer, just not at a magazine. She's busy writing a romance novel while unexpectedly becoming a new mom. Binge on: Netflix

4. Gossip Girl

  • This one is a CLASSIC. If you've already seen it maybe it's time to revisit the lives of our favorite Upper Eastsiders! The friendship between Blair and Serena is the best. Binge on: Netflix

5. Younger

  • Totally obsessed with this show too. It follows single mom Liza played by Sutton Foster, re-entering the world of publishing pretending she's 26 rather than 40. Tons of girl power in this one with Hilary Duff playing alongside her! Binge on: Hulu

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