5 Things We Know About Season 3 of "Riverdale"


Obviously season 2 of Riverdale is still happening, but are you wondering what will be happening in season 3?! We have SOME deets...

1. Productions beings July 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. Which means hopefully season 3 will air September, October-ish.


2. Season 3 will deal with repercussions of some "tragedy" that occurred in the season 2 finale. 


3. Toni will appear as a series regular in season 3! Congrats to Vanessa Morgan for the much deserved promotion.


4. We will see more of Reggie too. Charles Melton who took over the role of Reggie on season 2, after Ross Butler left for 13 Reasons Why, he has been promoted a series regular too!


5. "Falice," aka Alice + FP may have more scenes together! They have a lot of history together so it only makes sense.


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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