These Three Signs Are Going To Thrive This May


Don't ya love when Miss Tati pops by with some extra info?! This time we have important info in regards to May...these THREE signs are going to have the BEST month.

Let's jump right into it, here we go...



  • The sun has been in your first house since April, giving you a sense of confidence and pleasure. You're totally feeling comfortable in your own skin! The sun will shift into Gemini on May 20 and you will NOT lose that power. It's going to be transferred into your second house of money...not a bad thing at all! Uranus moves into your sign on May 15th, it will allow exciting new prospects to enter your life!

Sabrina Carpenter is a Taurus, born May 11th!



  • This month will be centered on your spiritual awareness. You'll feel connected to your emotions and really be in touch with the world around you! When Uranus moves into your twelfth house of spirituality you'll be learning new things about yourself - allowing your perspective to transform! Venus will take your charisma to a new level until it moves into your second house of money on May 19th - you'll be finding a groove in your daily routine! 

KJ Apa is a Gemini, born June 17th



  • Your fifth house of pleasure and entertainment is receiving grounding energy from the sun in Taurus since April. This will continue in May! Your spirits are high so just take time to enjoy yourself. Fun and excitement will be multiplied when Uranus uproots you from your comfort zone. Through adventures and joy for life you'll learn what make you happy! All of these revelations will show you how to enjoy the process of making money! Uranus will be on your side and it will allow you to shake things up until your dreams seem close in reach.

Meghan Trainor is a Capricorn, born December 22nd

(Info: Elite Daily)

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