Amazon Prime Is Raising Membership Prices


It's almost hard to imagine life without Amazon Prime! Seriously it's the BEST, can't beat that free two day delivery and sometimes free same day delivery. But, now I have some not so good news to share. Amazon Prime memberships are going up by 20 percent. Prime is currently $99 dollar a year for a membership, the new rate will be $119 a year.

This price will apply to existing Prime members' renewals starting June 16th. And sadly no you can not prepay for another year at the current lower rate, ughhh! 

The price hike is only the second time Amazon has raised Prime membership prices. The first happened in 2014 when membership went from $79 to $99. The new price hike is partly due to rising shipping fees and the addition perks that come with membership.

So are you going to keep your Prime membership even with this higher rate??


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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