The One Celeb I Spotted At Coachella & Just Couldn't Say Hi To


As you know Coachella brings everyone together. I saw Leonardo DiCaprio walking around, Shay Mitchell, and Bieber...just to name a few! Everyone is just having the greatest time ever. 

So I walked by JESSE WILLIAMS (yeah, that’s right, Jackson Avery) and I couldn’t get words out of my mouth! I wanted to say...

Omg I love you! 

Jackson, who is with Harriet today? 

Please take care of April for us. 

Please stop trying to date Maggie. 


I love you!!!

I’m obsessed with you!!! 

But, unfortunately all that came out of my mouth was crickets. I was actually tongue-tied and speechless. And you guys he’s even hotter IRL than in the OR if you can imagine. So anyways...Jesse Williams. I hope you had fun at Beychella. Talk to you next time, hopefully. 🤞🏻


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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