Tanya's Hot Guys Of Coachella 2018


My favorite of the 3 categories...HOT GUYS! I'm not gonna lie, the guys were so flattered that I gave them this compliment I really should use this as an opening line at other events because it sure is a great icebreaker. 

So here they are...

1. This is Josh from Indiana! He was working the festival. He had the cutest smile and greatest attitude.

2. Say hey to Dean from LA! Dean is one of my friends, he's definitely one of the hottest guys at Coachella and truly just an angel of a heart! I had to give him this honor because he just puts such a smile on my face!

3. This is Brandon (@bthekid86)! I spent quite some time with Brandon AKA Daddy. He's from Santa Monica, started his own Ketchup line.. sold it... goes to UCLA now.. went to USC for undergrad.. and it just a BALL OF ABSOLUTE FUN!!! I had so much fun hanging out with you Brandon! Thanks for being on my list!

4. Meet Felipe (@felipearanda)! This guy was in front of me in line at Magpies and he was just SO hot that I had to put him on my list. And how crazy, Felipe lives in Westwood...what are the odds of that?! He's only been in the US for a year! He kept saying his English wasn't great, but he sounded wonderful to me and don't get me started on that accent!

5. Look at Jason (@mr_gus)! Not only is he a total hottie, but he's loads of fun! I mean just look at this photo, doesn't that say it all! You'd probably want to party with him and his friends at Coachella.

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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