Tanya's Hot Girls Of Coachella 2018


Last year at Coachella I put together a blog sharing the hot guys of Coachella and you LOVED it. You seriously loved it si much that I wanted to step it up this year. SO you're getting hot guys again, but also hot girls and hot couples! 

Lets get to it, the hot girls of Coachella 2018 aka beautiful babes... 

1. Send some love to Jocelyn Davis (@JoslynDavis) & Lily Marston (@Lily_Marston) from LA! What a duo...total cuties!

2. Hey, hey Alexa (@alexaraea) from Canada! Girl is SLAYING! YESSS.

3. Say hello to Perry (@perrylouise_ ) from Dallas! Love her look, how adorable is she?

4. Meet Taylor from Ohio! She's sooo flawless! Makeup on point.

5. This is Caroline (@carolinehilton) from OC! Isn't she just a ray of sunshine?!

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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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