Tanya's Hot Couples Of Coachella 2018


I just LOVE LOVE, so I think it's safe to say I truly enjoyed finding and talking to all these adorable couples at Coachella!!!

Also I have to shout out August (Couple #5)! He made it on my HOT GUYS OF COACHELLA blog in 2017 and now he's back, but this time on my hot couples list! He is just THAT HOT and out of ALL the people at Coachella I end up running into this guy two years in a row! Insane! So congrats to August for just being so incredibly good-looking and I must add just the sweetest thing in the world! 

And now meet the hot couples of Coachella...

Couple 1 - 

Couple 2 -

Couple 3 - 

Couple 4 - 

Couple 5 -

Couple 6 - 

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