My Favorite Coachella 2018 Art Installation You Have To Check Out

This is by far my FAVORITE art installation this year at Coachella! It's called "Spectra." From the outside it looks like a rainbow colored cylinder shaped building. It's seven stories and is made out of various colored plexiglass windows! 

The installation by UK designers Newsubstance is also interactive! You can walk inside the ground level opening and climb the 1/4 mile ramp. Your view will constantly change each step you take and so will the colors, as you'll be looking through the different plexiglass windows. When you reach the top you have the BEST view of the entire festival. Perfect moment to get that photo for your Insta!

Make sure to check it out at the Empire Polo Field grounds! Seriously you do NOT want to miss this. 😍😍😍

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