Here's Why You Should Always Take Your Shower At Night


Do you shower in the morning or at night? If you answered morning you may want to switch up your shower routine! Dermatologists say washing your face and your body at night is really important for your skin health. This is even more important in the spring and summer because you may be outside more often collecting allergens on your skin. 

And where are my insomniacs at?! Listen to this! Research has proven that night showering can help you sleep! A hot shower 90 minutes before sleeping is essential. Not only is it relaxing, but it helps control your body temperature.

Take all this in consideration when deciding to take a shower at night or in the morning. But, hey don't let this info stop you if you swear by that morning shower to wake up you. It does boost alertness if you're going to shower in the morning.

(Info: Seventeen)


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