Instagram Is Changing Up The Algorithm Again

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You guys!!!! Instagram FINALLY heard us crying out. The algorithm is changing again and newer posts will now appear first in the feed.


Insta shared this info today ensuring users that they have heard everyone's complaints. While newer post will be seen first it's not totally going back to chronological order, but pretty close to it.

The change will ensure that your feed is fresher. That way you aren't seen posts for 4 days ago when you open up your app. Isn't that the worst?! 

They are also testing a "New Posts" button that will let you choose when you want to refresh your feed. AHHH I like this! I HATE when I open then app and see a photo and it vanishes so quickly because the feed is auto-refreshing. With this button you will be able to tap it and have new posts at the top of your feed. 

As of now there isn't an exact date when this rolls out to all users, but I'll be sure to keep you posted fellow Insta lovers! 


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