"Younger's" Fictional Novel "Marriage Vacation" Is Being Published


Younger fans listen to this! Marriage Vacation is becoming a real life book!!!! Yup, fiction is about to become reality!


Simon & Schuster will publish the book written by Pauline Turner Brooks on the show aka Jennifer Westfeldt, in real life.

If you've seen season 4 of the TV Land series than you'll remember Pauline write a tell-all novel about her ex-husband Charles, Empirical Press bossman himself. Then, Liza aka Sutton Foster has the opportunity to edit the book. But, since Liza and Charles kinda sorta have a thing it makes thing awkward. 

Hey if you don't watch the show that's fine! The book will be a standalone novel that tells the story of a woman who leaves her marriage to follow a self discovery journey! 

But, if you don't watch the show and are now interested I highly recommend binge watching it...it's really really REALLY good! Catch up before season 5 starts, they are currently in production!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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